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Once Was Enough

Having only been a bridesmaid once but a bride several times (sans bridesmaids), I grimace remembering a dress that really DID look like a tablecloth. Huzzah to the demise of the identical dresses!


I tried my best to get my girls the first time around to get different dresses - they just kept asking my what I wanted... which was for them to choose their own dresses... the circular conversation ended in matching dresses. I was more successful (on all levels) the second time around and everyone (especially the two pregnant bridesmaids) was happy with the result. And the reason I started this comment in the first place... I wanted to share my good news that not only did I a. do my own adjustments with a needle and thread, but the result is that b. I will now be REGULARLY reusing a bridesmaid dress I wore years ago as my go-to dress for formal weddings w/ the band. Both give me a sense of accomplishment :).

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