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Google really is the best thing INCLUDING sliced bread. Though I will go ahead and admit that not all uses are good... I now regularly use it as spell check... It's amazing, you can type in any series of letters close to the word your are looking for and Google pops back with "did you mean _____?" Why yes, Google, yes I did! And Google is so nice, not only does Google phrase it like an innocent question as to not hurt the feelings of Montessori trained (or lack, thereof) spellers everywhere, but it also gives you results with the incorrect spelling, proving you're not the only idiot in the world and that hey, some people didn't even BOTHER with spell check.

Pinching Pennies

Finally I can delete that irritating, albeit free, 800 service spewing irrelevant ads that usually gives me the wrong phone number for GOOGLE! Thanks LIS for expanding my cellular universe. You've made my day.

Pinching Pennies

READER NOTE: I just tried GOOG 411. It's terrific but it only works for businesses. This is still wonderful as we should know our friend's phone numbers!

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